Year of Mercy Begins

Today is the beginning of a Holy Year of Mercy.  As Pope Francis explained, the Holy Year is dedicated to living out in our daily lives the mercy which God constantly extends to all of us.

To begin this special year, think about what this means to you and how you can increase your spirituality.  What are you seeking for yourself?  Do you want to learn more about your faith?  Do you want to learn how you can help others share in God’s mercy?

Pope Francis offers a few practical ways to live out the year of Mercy such as:  do not judge or condemn but forgive and give, avoid gossip, envy and jealousy; have a heart open to the fringes of society and bring consolation, mercy and solidarity to people who live in precarious situations; and take up the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy with joy.

As we journey together through this special time, may we all feel the mercy God extends to us and share it joyfully with others.